Tableau Integration

Euno integrates with Tableau, ingesting its metadata to enhance data observability and support proactive measures such as shift-left practices. By providing valuable insights into the data structure and usage patterns within your Tableau environment, Euno enables more informed decision-making and efficient data management.

Tableau Requirements

To ingest metadata from Tableau, you will need:

  1. Tableau Server Version 2021.1.10 and newer.

  2. Tableau Metadata API (if already enabled please skip to 3):

    1. Ensure the Tableau Metadata API is enabled.

    2. This is enabled by default on Tableau Cloud.

    3. For Tableau Server, follow this guide by Tableau.

  3. Tableau Credentials: Euno authenticates as a Tableau individual user. The Euno user would require a Personal Access Token with the Site Administrator Explorer role or higher - an already existing user with same or higher permissions can be used.

Integration Steps

To integrate with Tableau please follow the below steps:


Click on the "Account settings" found in the left side menu.


Locate the Tableau tile under the Integrations tab and click β€œConfigure”.


In Tableau, generate a new a personal access token with a Personal Access Token (PAC) with the Site Administrator Explorer. Once the token has been created, copy the secret. Note: Users must set the expiration of the token, which can be a maximum of one year. In addition, if the token is not used for 15 days, it will expire.


In the dialog box in Euno,

name the integration and enter:

  • The Tableau host - enter the entire host URL

  • The Tableau site

  • The token name

  • The token secret


If you are using Tableau server, and using a private connection, please check "Skip SSL certificate verification" and click "Save" If not, click "Save".


Your Tableau integration is now configured. To add another instance, click on β€œAdd instance” and repeat step 3.

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