Looker Integration

Euno's integration with Looker allows it to search for logic created within Looker and generate automated suggestions for enhancing the shared data model. Additionally, the integration enables the synchronization of new changes to the data model back into Looker, ensuring that the warehouse's new elements are referenced properly.

To integrate the Euno Logic crawler into Looker, ensure that a user with Account Admin permissions in Looker is available. This user will be responsible for generating API keys.

Integration Steps

To integrate with Looker please follow the below steps:


Click on the "Account settings" found in the left side menu.


Locate the Looker tile under the Integrations tab and click โ€œConfigureโ€.


In Looker, generate a new API key from an โ€œAdminโ€ account.


In the dialog in Euno, enter your Looker client ID, client secret and host details, then click โ€œSaveโ€.


Your Looker integration is now configured. To add another instance, click on โ€œAdd instanceโ€ and repeat step 3.

Manually Mapping Permission Set

In the event you do not wish to grant an API with a Looker "Admin" account, you can manually map a permission set. Euno requires the following permissions:

  • access_data

  • see_looks

  • see_users

  • see_system_activity

These permissions allow for manual mapping without the need to obtain a database connection, as well as access to the information needed for usage insights.

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