Github Integration

Euno integrates with GitHub to efficiently handle new dbt builds and automate the generation and deployment of dbt code. For further details on "GitHub Apps" and their permissions, refer to the linked article. Install the Euno GitHub app at the "organization" level on GitHub.

This integration is crucial to facilitate automated code generation, encompassing the generation of code modifications in the dbt repository and the synchronization of certain data applications, like Looker, and writing changes to a LookML repository.

Note: The user installing the app does not require push and pull code permissions. Euno authenticates actions as itself, not as the user who installed it. User’s who wish to create a new project, connect an existing project to a new branch, or configure the data application sync to Looker, will be required to sign into their Github account.

Integration Steps

To integrate with GitHub please follow the below steps:


Click on the "Account settings" found in the left side menu.


Locate the Github tile under the Integrations tab and click “Configure”.


In the dialog, click “Link new organization” to be redirected to Github authentication flow.


Follow the instructions on Github to link your account to Euno.


Your organization is now linked to Euno. You can repeat step 3 if you want to link another organization.

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