dbt Cloud Integration

In order for Euno to process the dbt build, the information is pulled from the dbt cloud with this integration. When creating an integration between dbt Cloud and Euno, Euno automatically generates the necessary webhook. This integration utilizes "service tokens." Refer to the documentation for details on service tokens.

To create the webhook independently, obtain a service token with the "account management" role. The webhook facilitates communication and data exchange between Euno and dbt Cloud, supporting the change workflow.

Note: To guarantee that Euno retrieves artifacts from the accurate builds, users must configure the job from which they desire Euno to handle builds (refer to section Selecting a job for further details).

Integration Steps

To integrate with dbt Cloud please follow the below steps:


Click on the "Account settings" found in the left side menu.


Locate the dbt Cloud tile under the Integrations tab and click โ€œConfigureโ€.


In dbt Cloud, create a new service token for the integration with the permission level set to "Account Admin". After saving, the service token will be generated. Remember to copy the service token, as it will disappear when you close the window.


In the dialog, enter your dbt Cloud account ID and token, then click "Doneโ€.


Your dbt Cloud integration is now configured, and the mapping between your dbt project and Euno project is displayed.

If you want to add another dbt Cloud account, click on โ€œAdd accountโ€ and repeat step 3.

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